Vision for the future

We aim to support Sweden’s leading international status by supporting initiatives that will facilitate the implementation of ATMPs.

Our purpose is to promote human health through breakthrough innovations in academia, healthcare and industry. Our support in communication, coordination and education of the Swedish national ATMP network assists a broad range of stakeholders to drive this vision forward.

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Communication is key to the realisation and implementation of new ideas. Our National networks aim to accelerate ATMP implementation through building and maintaining strong partnerships between government organisations, researchers, industry, healthcare and patient organisations.

Research and innovation

Research and innovation is important for new patient solutions. We aim to meet the needs of patients for whom suitable treatments are not available.

We aim to meet the needs of patients for whom suitable treatments are not available.


Infrastructure is an essential component in the development of ATMPs. We are pioneering a new path in healthcare where the processes of classical pharmaceutical development, manufacture and delivery do not fit. All of Sweden’s University Hospitals have committed to the development and integration of GMP manufacture and patient delivery processes.


There is a lot of document associated with making sure patients receive efficacious and safe medicines. For medicines based on genes and cells the processes by which the medicines are manufactured and regulated are still developing. Regulators are working closely with researchers, industry and healthcare to ensure our patients are protected and receive the best treatments possible but also that ATMP developers are able to navigate the paperwork required!

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials are an essential aspect in showing that a treatment works, is safe for the patient and is superior to other treatments available. We support projects working closely with clinical trials organisations to ensure effective ATMPs find their way through the clinical trials processes.

Commercialisation and reimbursement

The nature of ATMPs inherently makes their production costs higher than classical pharmaceuticals. However, the potential for one time curative treatments from ATMPs, as opposed to life long pharmaceutical treatment, means short term costs need to be approached with long term perspectives. We are supporting efforts between Industry, economic institutions and regulatory authorities towards developing commercial and health economical models to ensure these new generation treatments.

Training and competency development

It is no surprise that in this new field of medicine there are few people who have the required knowledge, qualifications and competencies for ATMP development and delivery. It is also no surprise that these experts are busy treating patients and stretched thin for assisting others through the processes. What is needed is a solid effort for training current staff to higher competencies as well as training and recruitment of the next generation.

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