Testa Center


Testa Center is an open access innovation hub, available for both academic researchers, start-ups and SMEs as well as large industry from all over the world. Users get access to industry standard labs, state-of-the-art, infrastructure and expertise. Our labs are equipped with pilot-scale biomanufacturing platforms and cutting-edge equipment for cell cultivation, harvest and purification unit operations in a controlled non-GMP environment.

Testa Center is a large-scale test bed for a broad range of projects, ranging from basic academic research to scaled up production of biopharmaceuticals intended for commercialization including, but not limited to, cell-based products, mRNA and viral vectors. Besides classical wet lab-based biological projects, also technical and digital innovations and solutions, like sensors, remote process control, data management and more, can be tested and evaluated in the industry-relevant application and production environment that Testa Center offers.

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