Welcome to our ATMP Sweden Conferences!

Every year we run two events, the ”ATMP Sweden” physical conference and the ”ATMP world tour” virtual conference. ATMP Sweden 2024 will be held in Malmö the 25/26th of November! Find more information on the event page. This event attracts the broadest diversity of ATMP stakeholders that we have access to and aims to accelerate patient access to efficiacious ATMP solutions by fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration.

The ATMP world tour aims to strengthen the International ATMP network and highlight world leading ATMP activities and the learnings for the field behind them. The 2024 event was held the 23-25th of April. The format for the 2025 event is set to change from 12 speakers over 3 days to one speaker per month with the recording available for one month. We look forward to bringing you more world leading expertise, for free and to your home 🙂