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Welcome to our inaugural ’ATMP world tour’ program of 2021!

The event is being held virtually April 26-30, 2021. The full program can be found further down.


We’re very pleased to bring you a star studded cast of ’world leading’ ATMP activities discussing the competencies, partnerships and infrastructures that make great ideas and great technologies a reality for patients.

This event has been tailored to the online world and hopefully becomes a positive, annual online outcome of the Coronavirus pandemic to complement the return of physical meetings. The event will be held as a ZOOM webinar. A link will be sent closer to the time to registrants. All presentations can be viewed live or within a month of the presentation on our ATMP Sweden YouTube channel.

We wanted to do something a little different but simple to suit the online format so for every hour timeslot eg. 13:00 you will get;

  • 5min before the hour (eg. 12:55), your tour of the world, a slide with 3 things the speaker loves about the city they live in
  • on the hour (eg. 13:00) our ’time to connect’ sponsorship slides
  • 2min over the hour (eg. 13:02) the host welcomes participants, introduces themselves and the speaker
  • 5min over the hour (eg. 13:05) speaker presentation begins
  • 30min over the hour (eg. 13:30) question/discussion time lead by host, audience participation
  • 50min over the hour (eg. 13:50) session ends

The graphic here gives the Swedish/CET time of the presentation in blue and the ’local’ time of the presenter in green. The dates are Monday April 26th till Friday April 30th, 2021.

Monday April 26th 1pm-5pm CET

13:00: Innovation driven National networking ”ATMP Sweden” 

Speaker: Frida Lundmark, LIF, Stockholm, Sweden.

Host: Mark Lowdell, CAMP IAB/Royal Free Hospital, London, UK.

14:00: Patient involvement and advocacy for product development.

Speaker: Sven Kili, Antion Biosciences, UK.

Host: Christoph Varenhorst, Pfizer, Stockholm, Sweden.

15:00: Pluripotent stem cells – ’the non-existent’ business model

Speaker: Mattias Hansson, Novo Nordisk, Lund, Sweden.

Host: Petter Björquist, VERIGRAFT, Gothenburg, Sweden.

16:00 – Reflections on the US ATMP ecosystem

Speaker: Stephen Majors, ARM, USA.

Host: Petter Björquist, VERIGRAFT, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Tuesday April 27th 8am-12pm CET

8:00 – Clinical trials and reimbursement

Speaker: John Rasko, The University of Sydney, Australia.

Host: Stephan Mielke, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden.

9:00 – Clinical iPSC commercialisation and  industrial manufacture

Speaker: Ross Macdonald, Cynata, Australia.

Host: Kristina Runeberg, Takara Bio Europe, Gothenburg, Sweden.

10:00 – Stimulating industry and international partnering

Speaker: So Ra Park, SCRM, South Korea.

Host: Dag Larsson, LIF, Stockholm, Sweden.

11:00 – National facilitator network

Speaker: Jacqueline Barry, Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, London, UK.

Host: Johan Hyllner, AstraZeneca/CAMP board member, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Wednesday April 28th 2pm-6pm CET

14:00 – Research translation and clinical trials support 

Speaker: Roke Oruezabal, CAMP IAB/AND & TAT, Seville, Spain.

Host: Lilian Walther Jallow,BOOST Pharma ApS, Stockholm, Sweden.

15:00: CAR T Commercialization – Challenges on the way

Speaker: Irene Aldecoa Bilbao, Celgene/BMS, Switzerland.

Host: Åse Rosenqvist, Janssen-Cilag AB/CAMP board member, Stockholm, Sweden.

16:00: Process development and commercialisation support

Speaker: Michael May, CAMP IAB/CCRM, Toronto, Canada.

Host: Jim Lund, RISE, Karlskoga, Sweden.

17:00: Advocacy driven innovation

Speaker: Robert Klein, Americans For Cures, California, USA.

Host: Bettina Ryll, Uppsala, Sweden.

Thursday April 29th 8am-12pm CET

8:00: Academic v commercial models for hospital ATMP manufacture facilities

Speaker: Dominic Wall, Cell Therapies Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia.

Host: Pontus Blomberg, KCC/Vecura, Stockholm, Sweden.

9:00: Hospital exemption v commercialisation

Speaker: Graziella Pellegrini, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Host: Anders Lindahl, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

10:00: Commercialisation models then and now

Speaker: Jaap Twisk, UniQure, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Host: Karin Hoogendoorn, CAMP International Advisor, Netherlands.

11:00: Education programs and competence development

Speaker: Quasim Rafiq, University College London, UK.

Host: Paul Kingham, Umeå University, Sweden.

Friday April 30th 8am-12pm CET

8:00: FIRM, National facilitator functions

Speaker: Masayuki (Max) Nomura, FIRM, Japan.

Host: Kristina Kannisto, KCC, Stockholm, Sweden.

9:00: International collaborative networks for negotiations and HTA

Speaker: Iselin Dahlen Syversen, Norway.

Host: Sofie Alverlind, SKR, Stockholm, Sweden.

10:00: Manufacturing Gene Therapies for pre-clinical and clinical studies

Speaker: Seppo Yla-Herttuala, University of Kuopio, Finland.

Host: Karin Agerman, CombiGene, Lund, Sweden.

11:00: Partnerships and collaboration for ATMP manufacture

Speaker: Bill Shingleton, Cytiva, UK.

Host: Margareta Tennander – Cytiva/CAMP board member, Uppsala, Sweden.