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’Time to connect’

For this event we are offering 12 sponsorship opportunities. The packages are called the ’time to connect’ and makes use of those minutes where the host ’gives afew minutes for participants to connect’ before starting the session.

Each sponsorship opportunity allows one slide with no audio or animation/movement that will be played in a rolling slideshow at the start of every presentation. This will be 10 seconds of exposure for each sponsor for every presentation. Preceeding these minutes will be a slide of the 3 things the speaker loves about the town they live in eg. restaurant, site, quality of life to entice participants to connect ahead of time. Sponsor logos will be added to this webpage and a single webpage link will be added to the webinar chat for each sponsor at the start of every presentation.

”Time to Connect – Sweden” – each package is worth 10,000 SEK (1,000 EUR). This package is for domestic Swedish payments.

”Time to Connect – International” – each package is worth 20,000 SEK (2,000 EUR). This package is for international payments.

We welcome you to contact us to express your interest in this sponsorship opportunity.