ATMP Sweden 2021 virtual

What ATMP developers could learn from the covid vaccines

The focus of this years National conference is ’the silver linings of COVID19 for ATMPs’. It has been over a year that the world has battled with the COVID19 pandemic and effective vaccine technologies have been developed at record speed, in many cases based on novel vaccine technologies including gene delivery through mRNA or viruses.

November 18/19th 2021 **Dates are preliminary** event will be online


While by regulatory definition vaccines against infectious disease are not ATMPs, the technologies in some case are identical, just the application/mechanism of action is different. Many COVID19 vaccines are based on delivery of recombinant derived gene sequences that are translated to proteins in the body….exactly what GTMP/ATMPs aim to do in order to delivery corrected genes to patients.

Development, manufacture, clinical trials, distribution, storage, handling, administration of COVID19 vaccines has been a primary focus of governments and healthcare around the world since the beginning of the pandemic. Like the record time of development of the COVID19 vaccines, the need to get these vaccines to the population as quickly as possible has fast tracked implementation processes that if not necessary on the scale of the pandemic may have taken years to implement for similar ATMP technologies.

We hope that by November 2021 herd immunity through vaccination will be achieved and life will have begun the new post-vaccine normal. However, while we would like to imagine a normality where we could hold a physical National conference, hindsight says pessimism reigns over optimism during a pandemic. Our lemons will be made into a refreshing lemonade that will bring you an online conference where we discuss only the benefits of the pandemic! What have we learned that will expedite ATMP development and implementation? What mountains did we face 2 years ago that have now had a tunnel barreled through the base of them ready for us to load the train.

The pandemic will always be a low point of our generation but now that we are riding the wave of vaccine rollout we must not miss the opportunity to reflect on how the life saving solutions developed through this tragedy can be translated to patients in need of gene therapy medicines.