CAMP Organisation

CAMP has a board that is the strategic management of the Centre and consists of representatives from partners. In addition, there is a Coordinator (Umeå University) and a Program Office led from Stockholm läns landsting. The Éxecutive Board is run by Mikael Wiberg (Umeå University) and Program Office by Jukka Lausmaa (RISE). Pontus Blomberg (Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset) is the Scientific Director of the Program Office.

Mikael Wiberg

Executive Board Chair

Jukka Lausmaa

Centre Director

Pontus Blomberg

Scientific Director

Our International Advisors;
Michael May – CCRM
Karin Hoogendoorn – Leiden University Medical Centre

Who is involved?

Program Office

The National Contact point coordinates running of the projects. Read here for more information.

Executive Board

Decisions concerning new members are taken by the Board. Read here for more information.

General Assembly

The GA appoints the board at a meeting held once a year. See who is involved.

Organisational scheme;