CAMP Projects

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Projects within CAMP are operated within three work packages (WP1-3) covering scientific and technological challenges and infrastructure around process development and production of ATMP.

Twelve collaboration projects engaging partners from healthcare, industry and academy have been started within WP1-3. More projects are under planning and expected to start during 2020.

The current project portfolio consists of the following:

WP1 – Process development

Work package leader – Stefan Scheding

1) Label-free sorting of stromal cell preparations for clinical use

2) ATMP for urethra reconstruction with de- and recellularization technique

3) Development of Multilayered Tissue-Engineered Skin Construct

4) GMP production of pluripotent stem cells and its derivatives.

5) Development of producer lines for delivering therapeutic mRNAs through Extracellular Vesicles.

6) CAR-T cell therapy for malignant melanoma of the skin and the eye.

7) Value survey – How do donors, patients, the general public and policy makers want to balance different interests?

8) Extracellular vesicles (CARMEV) for prevention of heart failure.

WP2 – Infrastructure for GMP manufacturing

Work package leader – Pontus Blomberg

9) Developing a Pre-GMP facility for vectors and genetically modified cells

10) Vecura – An Infrastructure for Development and Manufacturing of ATMPs

11) Expansion of GMP Compliant – Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TILs) in Xuri bioreactor

12) Harmonizing HQ plasmid production between pre-GMP and GMP sites

13) GMP-compliant infrastructure and production in a hospital-setting of mesenchymal stromal cells from lipoaspirate for use in clinical trials

WP3 – Quality control, shelf-life and logistics

Work package leader – Jim Lund

14) Establishing a QC and logistics strategy of cell-based products for secure patient treatment

15) Single cell qPCR characterization of ATMP

16) Establishing a non-dry ice dependent logistics strategy for cell therapies.

For more information, with new ideas or to get involved please contact:

Jukka Lausmaa – Centre Director email
Pontus Blomberg – Scientific director email