Urethra reconstruction

ATMP for urethra reconstruction with de- and recellularization technique.

Lead: VGR (Sahlgrenska Univ Hosp)
Involved partners: Gothenburg University/Sahlgrenska Univ Hosp, RISE, Verigraft AB

The project aims to develop a novel ATMP, consisting of a fully biological graft for the treatment of urethral stricture. For this Verigraft will develop decellularization protocols to produce cell-free urethral tissue as a scaffold. Work has started on harvesting urethra from pigs (GU/SUH) and procedures for the decellularization of urethra segments is due to start (Verigraft).

Project aims;
1) Find or develop a suitable scaffold for patient harvested cells
2) Produce a functional ATMP urethra for adults with the patient’s own cells implanted
3) Perform preclinical studies required to bring the concept to a first clinical study.