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ATMP World tour 2023 + EU competitiveness in ATMP

Join us to learn more about ’world leading’ initiatives and individuals in ATMP, with a focus on the models, partnerships, competencies and infrastructures required for success.

This years ATMP World Tour will be preceeded by the European Competitiveness in Advanced Therapies: How do we Fulfill Potential for patient benefit event. Learn more about the EU competitivenes event here.

This years ATMP world tour program hosts 12 speakers over 3 days, live streamed June 28-30, 2023. The program is built to favour discussion over presentation and will be recorded and available to view for 2 months following the event. Speakers for this event come from all over the world and will present from their extensive knowledge in varied aspects of the ATMP pipeline including quality challenges, gene therapy, regulatory harmonisation, regional implementation and industrial suitability.

Thankyou to all who contributed to building the program! See the full program here.

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