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TATAA & TriLink nucleic acid seminar

Discussing the latest developments in oligonucleotides and mRNA-based therapies.

In recent years, the number of approved nucleic acid therapeutics demonstrates their potential in treating diseases. Oligonucleotide drugs can correct disease-causing genetic variations with long-lasting or even curative effects via gene inhibition, addition, replacement or editing. With the demonstrated efficacy of mRNA vaccines, there is a great potential of using such technology to fight off infection from harmful viruses, especially for protein replacement therapy.

Oligonucleotide and mRNA-based therapies will open many new avenues to treat diseases where traditional drugs have failed, and we can expect many more new nucleic acid drugs to be released to the market in the coming years.

The TATAA-Trilink seminar will highlight the opportunities and challenges of nucleic acid-based therapies as a platform with leading experts and pioneers in the field.

Date and time: Thursday 1st September 2022, 11am-3:30 pm CET

Place: SciLife Lab, Karolinska Institutet Science Park, Stockholm,

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Agenda for the Seminar
11:00 -15:30 CET including lunch & coffee break

Keynote Speaker: Kenneth R. Chien, Distinguished Professor of Swedish Research Council Karolinska Institutet, and the co-founder of Moderna (Zoom Call)
Title: Unlocking the Promise of mRNA Therapeutics

Moderna was founded in 2010 and works with the development of drugs and vaccines based on mRNA. In January 2020 Moderna announced the development of an RNA vaccine to induce immunity to SARS-CoV-2. Less than a year later Moderna vaccines were readily available to the public. One of the reasons Moderna’s mRNA Covid vaccine moved so quickly was because of the pioneering work from the Chien laboratory a decade earlier. This demonstrated the effectiveness of injecting synthetic mRNA into human cells to express proteins that reverse the onset of heart dysfunction, therefor opening the potential for using modified mRNAs as therapeutics.

Speaker: Mikael Kubista, CEO and founder of TATAA Biocenter
Title: Various flavors of PCR to support the development of cell and gene therapies

TATAA Biocenter is a Swedish Clinical Research Organization that has over 20 years of expertise in nucleic acid analysis. Micheal founded TATAA Biocenter as a center of excellence in qPCR and gene expression analysis, initially as a training institution and later as a custom service and high-quality reagent provider.

Speaker: Cosimo Ducani, CEO and founder of Moligo Technologies
Title: Enzymatic DNA synthesis to enable gene technologies and therapies at scale

Moligo Technologies is a Swedish Biotech start-up producing and commercializing long and ultra-pure DNA strands for gene technologies and therapies. With the unique and innovative enzymatic DNA synthesis method developed by Dr. Ducani and his team, Moligo Technologies can produce ultra-pure DNA with lengths up to 10 000 bases, with any complexity and at industrial scale.

Speaker: Simon Koerpert, Business Development Director EMEA, TriLink
Title: mRNA synthesis from Research to GMP: pathway to successful scale up

TriLink BioTechnologies is a best-in-class contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) for the synthesis of nucleic acids, NTPs and mRNA capping analogs. TriLink has scale-up expertise and unique mRNA, oligonucleotide & plasmid production capabilities for companies focused on therapeutic, vaccine, diagnostic and biopharmaceutical breakthroughs.