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’3 things you love’, not just world leading expertise….people


The people behind the role, giving us a 'world tour'

It’s not long now till our 4th ATMP world tour, April 23-25, 2024, live streamed from, free to join! Find more information on the event page.

For those who have not joined a session of the tour previously, each session starts with ’3 things the speaker loves about the city that they live in’. The origin of this question was in response to the birth of the ATMP world tour during the pandemic in 2021. So many of us were stuck at home, living in circumstances we had little control over and yet connected globally in a way most of us have never experienced. The 3 things the speaker loves was a way of travelling when no one could but at the same time recognising the beauty in staying close to home.

What does this have to do with ATMP? Obviously nothing, but sometimes its good to remember that, while we collectively dedicate to advances in the ATMP field and to effective and affordable patient solutions, we are all people with lives, loves and passion outside of ATMP. What we love about life is what draws us to want more of it. The inspiration we take from our surroundings helps us to be more innovative and to work more effectively, more sustainably.

We hope that this simple insight into our speakers makes you feel more connected to the global network of stakeholders collectively driving ATMP advances but also collectively representing a diversity of hobbies, appreciation of culture, history, architecture and quite often just a stroll on the beach. So make sure to rock up on the hour for the session to make sure you do not miss this opportunity to learn something about the speaker and maybe be inspired to visit their local attraction on your next trip!

This article was inspired by the contribution from Manel Juan about what he loves about Barcelona, Spain. Please enjoy the amazing selection of images below and just try to stop yourself from booking a trip 😉