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ATMP2030 follow up education survey


We need your input about prioritised ATMP topics and skill sets!

We need your input about ATMP education! The Vinnova-funded project ATMP 2030 is addressing gaps in the Swedish innovation system around ATMP. One major challenge for the field, both nationally and globally, is to secure the competence needs of organizations involved in the complex innovation process of ATMPs. A survey of the situation in Sweden conducted during spring 2022, showed that there was a need to recruit over 500 persons with specialist competence in ATMP within 5 years, whereas there were very few, if any, education programs available in the country.

Since 2022, the situation has improved somewhat, as many universities now have or are planning to include ATMP-specific topics within their relevant educational programs. One recent milestone is also the national doctoral program on advanced therapies that was granted 47 MSEK funding from the Swedish research council Vetenskapsrådet.

The ATMP 2030 team working towards the goal “Education and securing future competence” is now following up the previous survey with a new one, where the objective is to find out which specific topics and skill sets that are prioritized by different types of organizations. We invite you to share your views about this by filling in the questionnaire at:

Your responses will be valuable for the development of current and future educational activities around ATMP. The questionnaire is bilingual (Swedish/English) and anonymous and will take 10-15 mins to complete.