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Two great courses covering some ATMP science and the field as a whole

There are 2 ATMP courses in Stockholm in Spring 2020. We recommend your PhD students attend both!

Following is a short description of each as from the titles they sound quite similar! Registrations must be in by November 15th!

Title: Gene and Cell Therapy Product (ATMP) Drug Development
Number: 3218
Dates: March 30-April 3, 2020
Description: This course gives an introduction to the ATMP drug development field as a whole, from bench to bedside to reimbursement. Leading experts in the field will discuss ethics, intellectual property, pre-clinical testing, GxP, regulation, manufacture, hospital implementation, clinical trials, health economy, business models, marketing approval and reimbursement. The course provides a broad understanding of ATMP development with an emphasis on early phases. The ATMP Sweden 2020 conference will be a part of the course along with poster presentation and examination of case studies.

Title: Cell and Gene Therapy
Number: 2444
Dates: February 24-28, 2020
Description: This course gives an introduction to the science behind gene and cell therapies including gene regulation, cell culture and gene transfer methods. Advances in viral vector development/production, genetic modification of human cells and CRISPR technology will be discussed. The purpose of the course is to deepen the participant’s knowledge in gene-therapeutic tools and its applications in disease with special emphasis on the hematology field.