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The Vision-Driven Innovation Milieu “ATMP 2030” has entered its second phase


During the first phase the Vision-Driven Innovation Milieu “ATMP 2030” has started up several actions towards the vision that Sweden will be a leader in development and implementation of advanced therapies by 2030. The Milieu initiates and coordinates cross-sectoral collaboration between healthcare, business, authorities and other actors, who jointly carry out activities and initiatives that address challenges and gaps in the Swedish ATMP innovation system. The idea is that the ATMP community can gather around and work towards a shared vision and that we need to gain visibility and spread the word about the milieu and ATMPs. The project has established a dedicated core team with individuals with complementing competences and perspectives and has formed an organization in close collaboration with the national centre CAMP.

The milieu has primarily focused on the following five areas:

  • National coordination and strengthening of the network, as well as increased international contacts and collaborations
  • Increased capacity for industrial development and manufacture of ATMPs in Sweden
  • Effective processes for availability of cost-effective ATMPs within Swedish healthcare
  • Increase knowledge and secure future competence needs
  • Organization and financing model for sustainable continuation

Specific activities and initiatives have been submitted to the working group for Precision medicine and ATMPs under the government’s Life Science Office.

The Milieu has recently entered its second phase.  Special emphasis is now on the most urgent gaps in the Swedish “ATMP ecosystem” that needs filling in order to move towards our vision. Those areas include an establishment of hospital ATMP centers, a national infrastructure for commercial development (“CCRM Nordic”), coordinated education/coordination activities and financing. The Milieu is also part of the communication platform ATMP Sweden, with the aim to promote the collaboration and communication that is needed for accelerated and effective ATMP based patient solutions.

The milieu will continue to be driven with an inclusive attitude and collaboration that creates synergies with other initiatives and structures in the area and we therefore encourage those that want to collaborate or otherwise participate to reach out.

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