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Time for a new website!


ATMP Sweden is about to get a new look

As a final activity through Swelife-ATMP we have undergone the process of updating our website

The update brings 3 main benefits;

  1. visually a more modern, fresh appearance
  2. navigation and content targetted to making it easier for stakeholders to find the information relevant to them
  3. functionality improvements to make the website easier to maintain and update

The official launch of the new site will be after the summer but you may get a glimpse earlier.

The original site was initiated through Swelife-ATMP in August 2018, live in November 2018. With the role of ATMP Sweden and the site evolving and distilling rapidly over these years the greatest value of the site can now be delivered.

You will notice a new look including our new logo that, while maintaining the Swedish flag identity, now also adopts Swedish minimalism, making it more flexible for use in various media platforms.

Our website is intended to provide a central coordination and communication function in the ATMP Sweden network. We aim to make resources and opportunities available to assist in spreading information in the network and between stakeholders. Please feel free to contact us with your news or with any suggestions of content you would like to see available on the site.

We thank KnowIt Jönköping for their great work and support over the last 3 years!