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What’s on in 2020!?


Find ATMP relevant events in 2020 and links to sign up!

Welcome back from the Christmas break and to 2020!

For those who missed our December newsletter, please see here;

Here you will find information about the Vision Driven Health program 2019 kickoff and what this means for Swedish ATMP. Also Information about the upcoming ATMP Sweden 2020 event, including full program.

To start the year off, a short list of conferences and courses happening in Sweden in ATMP.

  • Mar 16-17, Nordic Precision Medicine Forum, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • May 30- April 3, PhD course in Gene/Cell Therapy Product (ATMP) Drug Development, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Apr 1, Flemingsberg ATMP Network symposia, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Apr 1-3, ATMP Sweden 2020, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • May 11-13, CMC strategy forum Europé, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • May 14, Course in process and product characterization of ATMPs: an introduction
  • Nov 10, Bioscience 2020, Stockholm, Sweden.

Partners can access a full list of international conferences and meetings of interest here;

Please feel free to contact us if there is any information you would like to share. Wishing you joy, positive results and prosperity in 2020!