What’s behind the login

Whatever you want really! Our partner login is open to all National ATMP projects to give them a space to publish information or happenings relevant internally to their partners but not publically. This may be meeting minutes, beta version of support information/guides or unofficial resources/access to publications/documents. We also have ambassadors kit slides to assist you in spreading the word about ATMP and Swedish ATMP initiatives.

Currently the partner area is open to participants in all ”Current Initiatives” including CAMP, ATMP2030, CCRM Nordic, research school, IndiCell, NextGenNK, Innovation Hub, Health4All, SWECARNET and GeneNova.

Where relevant each initiative has its own page for sharing their content. Please get in touch if you would like to set one up for your initiative. Contact Heather Main also to get access to the partner area for other individuals in your project.

Ambassador slides and branding

To assist you in spreading the word about ATMP and our Swedish National projects you can find slides here that you are free to use. You can also find other branding resources here.

Acknowledgement text for projects/publications

Remember to send us your project publications! They are being published in the resources section of our site. Make sure to add the Vinnova or Swelife acknowledgement text, where relevant for your project result publications included in reporting. You can find example texts here.

Conference of interest

Let us know when you are attending an ATMP relevant conference! Especially if you are presenting so we can draw attention to your presentation on our LinkedIn. For those who are organising an event we keep an up to date list of ATMP relevant conferences so you can find the dates that best suit to avoid clashes.