Add ons for 2024

We aim to do our very best to give you the most for your ATMP Sweden membership. While you have signed up to the member packages, as shown in the public part of our website, we will endeavour to provide you with additional opportunities to build your network, promote your activities and save you money. If you have any ideas of additional opportunities we could provide, please feel free to get in touch.

For individual members

  1. DISCOUNTED CONFERENCE REGISTRATIONS: We have negotiated discounts for registration to international events. Please let us know if there is a conference you are interested in that we could contact the organisers to negotiate a discount.

For organisational members

  1. FACILITY TOUR VIDEO: We are offering member organisations the opportunity to share a max 3min ’facility tour’ video on our LinkedIn of your Sweden based operations. This is an opportunity to introduce your Swedish team, where your Swedish operations are located, to tour your labs and capabilities and welcome contact to learn more.
  2. DISCOUNTED ATMP SWEDEN 2024 SPONSORSHIP: We have offered member organisations a discount on sponsorship of our national ATMP Sweden meeting. Please make sure you sign the sponsorship contract and pay by the 20th of August in order to receive the cheapest sponsorship.
  3. PRIORITY JOB OPPORTUNITIES: We list your job advertisements top on our job opportunities page and list not only your company name but the role being advertised on our LinkedIn.
  4. SWEDISH ATMP EVENTS ON OUR WEBSITE: We list your ATMP relevant events held in Sweden on our website events page and on our LinkedIn. There will be a limited on how many per year.