Logistics Cookbook

This user friendly tool is intended to assist companies with logistical and shipment questions/issues for ATMP shipment. ATMPs are significantly more fragile and valuable than most small molecule and biological medicines. Therefore, quality systems, validation, and traceability are mandated to mitigate risk and ensure safe delivery of cell and gene therapies in a zero-failure environment.

Ensuring safe delivery of cell and gene therapies!

Read up on ”What is GDP”, what companies need to do, what regulators expect and FAQ answered by regulators. From planning and ready to ship, this resource will assist you in building the correct procedure.

Figure 1: Planning and ready to ship procedure (by John Coleman, YSDS Life Science)

The cookbook covers temperatures from ”dry shipper” to +30°C. This content was developed through the CAMP WP3 project ”Logistics Cookbook” as a collaboration between RISE, Cryoport and YSDS.

Contacts for this resource: John Coleman from YSDS or Jane Wells from Cryoport.

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