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Welcome to our ’ATMP world tour’ program for 2023!

The event is being held virtually June 28-30, 2023. The full program can be found further down.

We’re very pleased to bring you a star studded cast of ’world leading’ ATMP activities discussing the competencies, partnerships and infrastructures that make great ideas and great technologies a reality for patients.

This event has been tailored to the online world and will be streamed live on this website. All presentations will be recorded for viewing within 2 months of the publication.

To suit the online format, for every hour timeslot eg. 13:00 you will get;

  • 4min before the hour (eg. 12:56), your tour of the world, a slide with 3 things the speaker loves about the city they live in accompanied by our ’time to connect’ sponsorship slideshow
  • 2min over the hour (eg. 13:02) the host welcomes participants, introduces themselves, the topic and the speaker
  • 5min over the hour (eg. 13:05) speaker presentation begins
  • 30min over the hour (eg. 13:30) question/discussion time lead by host, audience participation
  • 56min over the hour (eg. 13:56) session ends

To view, right click and open in a new tab. The graphic gives the Swedish/CEST time of the presentation in blue and the ’local’ time of the presenter in green. The dates are Tuesday June 28th till Friday June 30th, 2023.

Full Program

Wednesday June 28th 9:00-13:00 CEST

9:00 – ”Delivering ATMP Clinical Trials a Public Hospital

Speaker: Sharon Sagnella, Department of Cell & Molecular Therapies, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, Australia.

Host: Gisela Helenius, ATMP Center, Skåne University Hospital.

10:00 – ”Clinical trials nurse functions”

Speaker: Aimei Lee, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, Australia.

Host: Jenny Gustafsson, Drottning Silvias Barnsjukhus, Gothenburg, Sweden.

11:00 – “Regulatory harmonization in Asia Pacific : APACRM”

Speaker: Setsuko Hashimoto, FIRM and CellSeed Inc., Tokyo, Japan.

Host: Axel Ståhlbom, Biological Regulatory Advice AB, Uppsala, Sweden.

12:00 – ”Novel AAV development

Speaker: Leszek Lisowski, Children’s Medical Research Institute, The University of Sydney, Australia.

Host: Johan Rockberg, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

Thursday June 29th 13:00-17:00 CEST

13:00 – ”Transforming patient care – pushing the boundaries within ATMP”

Speaker: Steffen Thirstrup, MD, PhD. Chief Medical Officer at The European Medicines Agency. Affiliated Professor, Copenhagen Centre for Regulatory Science (CORS), Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Host: Peter Hovstadius, MD, PhD. Chief Medical Officer at XNK Therapeutics, Stockholm, Sweden.

14:00 – ”Highlights and hurdles in development of gene therapies for genetic disease

Speaker: Katherine High, Rockefeller University, Haverford, USA.

Host: Jan Nilsson, CEO CombiGene, Lund, Sweden.

15:00 – ”Quality Challenges for ATMPs – Managing a Complex Global QC Testing Network for Autologous Cell Therapies and Manufacturing/Testing Capacity Extensions”

Speaker: Stephan Krause, Executive Director, Global Cell Therapy Quality, BMS. Chair, PDA ATMP Advisory Board, Gaithersburg, USA.

Host: Paula Salminkangas, Director of Biopharmaceuticals and ATMPs, NDA Advisory Board, Helsinki, Finland.

16:00 – ”Linking healthcare and company data – Tamro LINK”

Speaker: Essi Kariaho, Pharmaca Health Intelligence, Finland

Host: Pekka Ihalmo, Market Access & Government Affairs Lead Finland at Janssen EMEA

Friday June 30th 8:00-12:00 CEST

8:00 – Implementing ATMPs in public healthcare system – Australian Experience

Speaker: Filimon Haile, Program Manager, Highly Specialised Therapies, Victorian Department of Health, Australia

Host: Gustaf Befrits, Health Economic adviser with the NT-council, Sweden.

9:00 – “Opportunities & Developments in Adherent Stem Cells Manufacturing”

Speaker: Steve Oh, Ph.D. Independent Cell Therapy Leader, Singapore.

Host: Ricardo Baptista, CTO Alder Therapeutics, Sweden.

10:00 – ”Industrially Scalable Cell Manufacturing Using Extrusion CellFiber

Speaker: Kaz Furuishi, Chief Strategy Officer, Cell Fiber, Tokyo, Japan.

Host: Kristina Runeberg, Takara Bio Europe, Gothenburg, Sweden.

11:00 – ”Early access in France, a unique framework to accelerate patient access to innovative therapies”

Speaker: Véronique Hédo, New Products Access Lead & Early Access PMO Janssen, France.

Host: Fredrik Gerstoft, Market Access Lead Denmark, Janssen.