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Welcome to our ’ATMP world tour’ program for 2022!

The event is being held virtually June 7-10, 2022. The full program can be found further down.

We’re very pleased to bring you a star studded cast of ’world leading’ ATMP activities discussing the competencies, partnerships and infrastructures that make great ideas and great technologies a reality for patients.

This event has been tailored to the online world and will be streamed live on this website. All presentations will be recorded for viewing within a month of the publication.

To suit the online format, for every hour timeslot eg. 13:00 you will get;

  • 4min before the hour (eg. 12:56), your tour of the world, a slide with 3 things the speaker loves about the city they live in accompanied by our ’time to connect’ sponsorship slideshow
  • 2min over the hour (eg. 13:02) the host welcomes participants, introduces themselves, the topic and the speaker
  • 5min over the hour (eg. 13:05) speaker presentation begins
  • 30min over the hour (eg. 13:30) question/discussion time lead by host, audience participation
  • 56min over the hour (eg. 13:56) session ends

The graphic here gives the Swedish/CEST time of the presentation in blue and the ’local’ time of the presenter in green. The dates are Tuesday June 7th till Friday June 10th, 2022.

Tuesday June 7th 12:00-17:00 CEST

12:00 – ”Andalusian GMP networking: an example of success”

Speaker: Gloria Carmona, Head of Quality Assessment and GMP Facilities at the Andalusian Network for the design and translation of Advanced Therapies, Sevilla, Andalucía

Host: Michael Uhlin, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden

13:00 – ”Analysis of genetic stability”

Speaker: Simona Graziano, Novo Nordisk, Denmark

Host: Mick Fellows, AstraZeneca, UK

14:00 – CAR T history and patient followup

Speaker: Marco Ruella, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Center for Cellular Immunotherapies, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Host: Gunilla Enblad, Uppsala University, Sweden.

15:00 – World leading CRO – analytics

Speaker: Matthew Hewitt, Charles River, Boston, USA.

Host: Lydia Michaut, Tataa Biocenter, Gothenburg, Sweden.

16:00 – GT regulation now and future

Speaker: Björn Carlsson, NDA Group, Stockholm, Sweden

Host: Jeanne Loring, Scripps Research, San Diego, USA

Wednesday June 8th 12:00-17:00 CEST

12:00 – The Global Alliance for iPSC Therapies (GAiT)

Speaker: Stephen Sullivan, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Host: Anna Falk, Lund University, Sweden

13:00 – “Manufacture and supply of personalized ATMPs – A global challenge”

Speaker: Florence Salmon, Tigen Pharma, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Host: Pontus Blomberg, Karolinska Cell Therapy Centre, Stockholm, Sweden

14:00 – ”Critical functions of CMOs in adapting to challenges of ATMPs”

Speaker: David Smith, Akron Bio, USA

Host: Ola Tuvesson, NorthX Biologics, Matfors, Sweden

15:00 – ”CAR T patient workbook”

Speaker: Allison Matthews, Mayo Clinic, USA

Host: Maria-Teresa Essen-Möller, Scientific Med, Stockholm, Sweden

16:00 – ”Logistics Visibility”

Speaker: Darius Hell, Sensitech, Sassenheim, The Netherlands.

Host: John Coleman, YSDS, Stockholm, Sweden.

Thursday June 9th 12:00-17:00 CEST

12:00 – Standardising flow cytometry for ATMP analyses

Speaker: John Campbell, SNBTS, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Host: Anders Aspegren, Research Institutes of Sweden, Gothenburg, Sweden.

13:00 – Competence development

Speaker: Gary Green, WFIRM, Winston-Salem, USA.

Host: Paul Kingham, Umeå University, Sweden.

14:00 – ”Regenerative Medicine:  Current Concepts & Changing Trends”

Speaker: Anthony Atala, WFIRM, Winston-Salem, USA.

Host: Teresa Olsen Ekerhult, Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhus, Gothenburg, Sweden.

15:00 – Payment models for cures

Speaker: Mark Trusheim, NEWDIGS, MIT, Boston, USA.

Host: Douglas Lundin, Douglas Lundin, The Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency (TLV), Stockholm, Sweden.

16:00 – Biotech hubs

Speaker: Ken Chien, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden (Boston, USA).

Host: Anders Persson, SwedenBio, Stockholm, Sweden.

Friday June 10th 8:00-13:00 CEST

8:00 – Tissue engineered kidney

Speaker: Melissa Little, CEO, Novo Nordisk Centre for Stem Cell Medicine, Denmark. Senior Principal Research Fellow, MCRI, Australia

Host: Agnete Kirkeby, University of Copenhagen, Denmark and Lund University, Sweden

9:00 – EBMT data register

Speaker: Jürgen Kuball, University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands

Host: Heather Main, Karolinska Cell Therapy Centre, Stockholm, Sweden

10:00 – Parallels: lab grown meat and ATMP

Speaker: Reka Tron, Multus, UK and Robert E. Jones, Mosa Meat, The Netherlands

Host: Leo Groenewegen, CellulaRevolution, UK

11:00 – hPSC-ATMP manufacture

Speaker: Maxime Feyeux, TreeFrog Therapeutics, Pessac, France

Host: Catharina Brandsten, Takara, Gothenburg, Sweden

12:00 – ATMP 101

Speaker: ATMP Sweden

Host: Heather Main, ATMP Sweden