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See press invite here: COVID vaccines drive progress for gene therapy patients

press invitation_ATMP Sweden2021

“Results of vaccine acceptance surveys provide insights into the reasons for accepting or delaying/refusing an invitation to vaccinate, including trust in authorities, media influence and readily accessible credible information. These insights are a critical complement to analysis of coverage data and can inform the design of vaccination programmes as well as communication activities”, says Sarah Earnshaw Blomquist from Folkhälsomyndighet (Public Health Agency of Sweden). Join Sarah November 16th 12:00 for the opening session of ATMP Sweden 2021 online.

”The COVID-19 pandemic has sprinted new technologies to the benefit of mankind like we have never seen before. Gene delivery technologies, previously established in the ATMP/gene therapy field, have now become the flavour of the day for medicines that we take for granted, such as vaccines. This is truly a fantastic achievement by the scientific community and the pharmaceutical industry”, says Matti Sällberg from Karolinska Institutet. Join Matti November 16th 12:00 for the opening session of ATMP Sweden 2021 online.

”Collaboration and building capacity to scale in both vaccines and ATMP will better prepare Sweden for future pandemics, while at the same time benefit patients with, for example, new gene therapy options. The innovation hub will do just this for the Nordics and will drive Sweden to be world leaders in life sciences”, says Jenni Nordborg, National Life Sciences Coordinator, Government Offices of Sweden. Join Jenni November 18th 14:00 for the closing session of ATMP Sweden 2021 online.