Become a partner


All sponsorship packages for 2023 are now taken! Thanks to our sponsors for your wonderful support!

Our 2023 ’time to connect’ sponsorship packages include;

  • one slide with no audio or animation/movement that will be played in a rolling slideshow for 2min at the start of each presentation and 4min at the end. This will be 30 seconds of exposure for each sponsor for each presentation. In the same view as the slideshow will be a slide of the 3 things the speaker loves about the town they live in eg. restaurant, site, quality of life to entice participants to connect ahead of time or keep watching.
  • sponsor logo/URLs will be added to the event webpage, the program and a single webpage link will be added to the streaming page for each sponsor.
  • a single post per sponsor will be published on the ATMP Sweden LinkedIn about the products and/or services of the sponsoring company, recognising the sponsors support of the ATMP world tour.
  • sponsorship of the ATMP world tour 2023 will be marketed in conjunction with the EU life science session in EU ATMP competitiveness held the 27th of June and co-hosted by the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine. The sponsor rolling slideshow will be played at the start and the end of the session along with advertising of the ATMP world tour 2023.

”Time to Connect” – each package is worth 10,000 SEK (1,000 EUR)

Expected audience diversity: We expect a broad International audience. The ATMP world tour attracts registrants from over 2 countries and 5 continents. Individual sessions are targetted to public, patients, regulatory, academic, manufacture, industry, healthcare workers and public authorities. The EU Life Science session is expected to attract EU representatives and the broad industry network of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine.