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A big thanks to our sponsors who make our events possible!

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Platinum: Anocca, Miltenyi, Janssen

Gold: ScaleReady, MaxCyte

Silver: Sartorius CellGenix, YSDS, Biolamina, Biomerieux, Cytiva, Scinus Cell Expansion, ClinStorage, NorthX Biologics, Cellbox Solutions, Saveen & Werner, Center for Translational Research AB, Fluicell, Eurofins, Gilead/Kite, Quality Assistance S.A., MilMedTek, World Courier, Key2Compliance.

Bronze: AstraZeneca, Tataa Biocenter, Mabtech, NEOGAP, NDA Group, Cellco labs, XNK Therapeutics, Chemometec, Nordic Bioanalysis, PHC Europe, Biotechne, Hamilton, CombiGene, Cellevate, Countagen, Proteintech

ATMP Sweden with support from the ATMP Innovation Milieu “ATMP2030” are offering sponsorship opportunities for this 5th Annual ATMP Sweden conference. 

Why they sponsor

The development and implementation of ATMPs requires close collaboration between academics, clinicians and industry, as well as good communications with regulatory authorities. This conference is the primary event of this industry in Sweden so sponsorship of this meeting gives the greatest exposure to these potential collaborators.  The conference has several sponsorship packages available.

The Offer

Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Cost (SEK) 60000 40000 20000 10000
Booth in exhibition space + + + +
Booth location ++++ +++ ++ +
Logo on website, program, welcome ++++ +++ ++ +
Logo on sponsor map at event entrance + + + +
One table in exhibition space (128×45) + + + +
Verbal mention in welcome     + +
Logo on conference notebook on front on back
Logo on promotional flyer +

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