ATMP World Tour 2021

Event type: Conference

Start date: 2021-04-26

End date: 2021-04-30

Join us in a virtual trip around the world to highlight 'world leading' activities in ATMP!

Follow the following link for our EventBrite registration;


All presentations will be available on the same webinar link. We hope to have presentations available for one month after the live event on our YouTube channel.

The event is aimed at highlighting the partnerships, infrastructures and competences critical to establishment of world leading programs. The program will be less technology and science focussed but more focused on what worked, what was difficult, what could have been done differently, what lessons have been learned and how can this be relevant to current and future developments to the benefit of patients. Read more about the event on our conference page.

Speakers for this event come from all over the world and will present from their extensive knowledge in varied aspects of the ATMP pipeline and opportunities/challenges in different countries/regions. Topics include patient driven funding, manufacture, commercialisation, education, hospital exemption, national networks.

The program has been built to accomodate as much discussion and break time as possible.