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ATMP Sweden is the national network of Sweden’s activities within medicines based on genes, cells or tissue engineering, classified as Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) in Europe. Our goal is to promote the collaboration and communication needed for accelerated, effective ATMP based patient solutions.

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Register for the ATMP World Tour 2022

June 7th till 10th, 2022 online. The goal of the tour is to present and discuss ’world leading’ initiatives in the ATMP area (cell and gene therapy pharmaceuticals). Join us to hear about ’world leading’ activities within ATMP, the needs and models behind them, critical partnerships, competencies and infrastructures required for success.

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Lägesrapport om ATMP utbildning och framtida kompetensbehov

Nyligen publicerats av Innovationsmiljön ATMP 2030 “Ökad kunskap och säkrad framtida kompetensförsörjning” arbetsgrupp

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ATMP Sweden newsletter April 2022

Register for ATMP 2030 launch, ATMP world tour and the CAMP + IndiCell hPSC-ATMP tour

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Den Visionsdrivna Innovationsmiljön ”ATMP2030” har klivit in i etapp 2

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Download "Regulatory lessons COVID19 vaccines for gene therapy"

At ATMP Sweden 2021 Axel Ståhlbom summarised regulatory learnings from the approval of COVID19 vaccines and how this is relevant to the gene therapy/GTMP field. Download the slides on our ’What are ATMPs’ page!

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Commercial aspects of ATMPs

Learn more about the Health Technology Assessment related issues of your ATMP development.

ATMP regulatory guide

This guide will provide useful information and insights throughout the ATMP development process.

Job opportunities

Find or advertise ATMP relevant job opportunities.

Conferences & events


Launch of ATMP 2030

31 May


Organizer: Core team ATMP 2030

The Vision-Driven Innovation Milieu rebrands to ATMP 2030!

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CAMP + IndiCell tour on pluripotent stem cells

02 June


Organizer: CAMP + IndiCell

Learn about activities in Sweden toward development and commercialisation of pluripotent derived ATMPs!

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Webbinarium – Klinisk prövning av läkemedel med genetiskt modifierade organismer

02 June

Online: Teams

Organizer: Läkemedelsverket & Arbetsmiljöverket

Välkommen till Arbetsmiljöverkets och Läkemedelsverkets webbinarium om klinisk prövning av läkemedel som innehåller eller består av genetiskt modifierade mikroorganismer.

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What are ATMPs?

The obvious, less obvious and ATMP related technologies

ATMPs are innovative therapies that encompass gene therapy, somatic cell therapy and tissue-engineered products. With ATMPs, diseases can be treated in completely new ways.

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