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ATMP Sweden is the national network of Sweden’s activities within medicines based on genes, cells or tissue engineering, classified as Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) in Europe. Our goal is to promote the collaboration and communication needed for accelerated, effective ATMP based patient solutions.

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Who are we?

The ATMP Sweden network was founded through the Vinnova funded projects CAMP and Swelife-ATMP. The activity is now supported by the Vinnova funded ATMP Innovation Milieu. Other Swedish ATMP specific or relevant national networks fit under the ATMP Sweden umbrella including NextGenNK, GenNova, IndiCell and SWECARNET. ATMP Sweden provides support in communication, collaboration and network building. Learn more about these and other ATMP relevant initiatives!

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Commercial aspects of ATMPs

Learn more about the Health Technology Assessment related issues of your ATMP development.

ATMP regulatory guide

This guide will provide useful information and insights throughout the ATMP development process.

Job opportunities

Find or advertise ATMP relevant job opportunities.

What are ATMPs?

The obvious, less obvious and ATMP related technologies

ATMPs are innovative therapies that encompass gene therapy, somatic cell therapy and tissue-engineered products. With ATMPs, diseases can be treated in completely new ways.

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Sweden invests in innovation hub for advanced therapies

Enabling industrial scale production of mRNA and DNA based ATMPs and vaccines

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From Swedish cellulose to global medical innovation

Sweden’s BICO drives better and more accessible healthcare worldwide

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New CAMP projects and partners!

Towards more industry engagement

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Registration for ATMP Sweden 2021 virtual is open!

New ’gene delivery’ vaccine technologies have lead to vaccines against COVID-19 in record time. What have we learned from these recombinant gene delivery vaccines that is relevant to Gene Therapies?

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Conferences & events


ATMP Sweden 2021

16 November


Organizer: ATMP Sweden

Learnings from 'gene delivery' COVID vaccines relevant to ATMP

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22 November


Organizer: ATMP Innovation Milieu

AVAILABLE from the 9th of June 2021! Learn the basics of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products.

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ATMP-centra – varför, hur och var?

23 November


Organizer: ATMP Innovation Milieu

ATMP-centra som växer fram vid sjukhus och universitet på allt fler platser i Sverige

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