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'ATMP Sweden' is the national network of Sweden's activities within medicines based on genes, cells or tissue engineering, classified as Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) in Europe. Our goal is to promote the collaboration and communication needed for accelerated, effective ATMP based patient solutions.

Who are we?


Join our experts in the science and technology for GMP compliant clinical translation of ATMP research.


Join our experts in the knowledge, processes and competencies for getting ATMPs to patients.

ATMP Innovation Milleu

Work with us towards making ‘Sweden a world leader in advanced therapies by 2030’

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Draft report

Health economy and business models for ATMP.

Swelife-ATMP SDP3 welcomes your input on their draft report around valuation, payment models and affordability of ATMPs. The draft and appendixes will be available here till the 30th August, 2020.

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Now is the time for NK cells!


CellProtect Nordic Pharmaceuticals AB rebrands to XNK Therapeutics AB

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Swedish MPA warns against unproven cell-based therapies.


Patients and their families are cautioned against using unproven cell based therapies.

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Karolinska awarded Comprehensive Cancer Centre


Karolinska University Hospital and Karolinska Institutet become first Swedish CCC.

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Check out the ATMP map

Find Swedish ATMP researchers, clinicians, , companies and manufacture facilities.

The ATMP regulatory guide

Use this guide to navigate development of an ATMP through manufacture and Clinical Trial Application.

SME support group

Supporting Swedish SMEs in questions around process development and facilities.

What are ATMPs?

The obvious, less obvious and ATMP related technologies

Did you know that bacteria expressing a human protein can be a ATMP/GTMP? Read more here about what types of treatments/products are classified as ATMPs and which ones are not.

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Process and product characterization of ATMPs





Gene/Cell Therapy Product (ATMP) Drug Development





Flemingsberg ATMP Network symposia


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Register for ATMP Sweden '2020' conference in Stockholm!

Register for Sweden's premier annual ATMP conference!

Join us in Stockholm. Find our more here!

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Other collaborating national projects

VOG Cell

VOG cell is responsible for ensuring Swedish GMP manfacturing facilities function at the highest level and are compliant with current regulations.


AdBIOPRO is developing Continuous Processing of emerging potent therapeutic products such as recombinant viral vector and cell Products.


Sweden are world leader in NK cell research and this group are world leaders in NK cell therapies for patients!

See all ATMP relevant organisations here