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ATMP Sweden is a National support system for ATMP communications and coordination and is Sweden’s internationally recognised ATMP brand. The ATMP Sweden platform is a valued resource for communication, networking and catalysis of interactions to drive ATMP innovation, development and access. 

‘Föreningen ATMP Sweden’ was registered in 2023 to ensure sustainability of ATMP Sweden’s functions. Through membership in this network, you not only support platform sustainability, but benefit from engagement with the Swedish ATMP ecosystem and help to shape future capabilities.

Individual and organisational members are welcomed to join. We look forward to welcoming research institutions, companies, hospitals, regional development programs as well as health and business responsible organisations.

If you have any questions at all contact us!

What is behind the member login?

Our members have access to extra support resources including;

  • Workgroup invites and associated documentation
  • Internal news and announcements
  • Beta testing of new resources and guides
  • Access to internal reports and registries
  • Calendar of conferences of interest

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