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ATMP Sweden is a national coordination and communication network aimed at accelerating patient access to safe and effective medicines based on recombinant genes, live cells and/or tissue engineering. This new class of medicines are classified as Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) by the European Medicines Agency.

What are ATMPs?

We act as a central contact point both nationally and internationally for the Swedish ATMP field. Contact us!

Stay up to date!

ATMP Sweden runs the annual Swedish conference ATMP Sweden and the ATMP World Tour. We also maintain the atmpsweden.se website, the ATMP Sweden Linkedin page and the ATMP Sweden newsletter – a quarterly newsletter updating on Swedish ATMP developments.

We aim to make Sweden world leading in ATMP by 2030!

National Initiatives

At ATMP Sweden we assist in coordinating interactions between Nationally funded initiatives working in different areas of ATMP development to ensure that together we develop effective processes for GMP translation, clinical trials, market approval and reimbursement, enable the greatest possible access for Swedish patients to these innovative medicines.

See all our ongoing National Initiatives here!


The ATMP Sweden network was founded through the communications workpage of the Vinnova funded project Swelife-ATMP. At the time, the Centre for Advanced Medicinal Products (CAMP) was the only other National ATMP initiative and both initiatives developed the initial website atmpsweden.se and National annual conference ”ATMP Sweden”, together. ATMP Sweden is now supported by the ”National Coordination” project of the Vinnova funded ATMP2030 Innovation Millieu, through whom the ATMP World Tour was initiated and the non profit organisation ATMP Sweden founded in 2023.

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