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Melanoma gone following treatment with TILs and DC vaccination.


Good news from of one of our CAMP Projects "Expansion of GMP Compliant Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TILs) in Xuri bioreactor".

Initial results show that two patients with advanced malignant melanoma are now tumor-free, and one has only a very small lesion left. The initial trial involves 10 patients of which only half receive the TIL cells plus the dendritic vaccine (instead of TILS alone). These results push for an expanded trial.

The cell expansion process was developed as part of a CAMP project Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes collaboration between GE Healthcare and Karolinska Hospital/Vecura. Read more about this in an interview with Rolf Kiessling, a professor in experimental oncology at the Karolinska Institute and head of a research group studying immune oncology.