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ATMP2030 releases gender aspects in Nordic ATMP report


Participation in Clinical Trials, Workforce Diversity and Equitable Recognition of KOLs

The Vinnova funded innovation milieu “Sweden a world leader in development and implementation of advanced therapies by 2030”, (ATMP2030) and MSC Nordic has investigated gender representation in Swedish ATMP companies and in therapy target populations. The outcome is presented in this report describing these aspects of Gender Equality in the Nordic ATMP Space 2023. (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products)

Find the report on the ATMP2030 National Coordination page.

Overall conclusions

The results reveal a considerable gender imbalance in top industry leadership positions, with a substantial majority of CEOs, C-level executives, and Board of Directors being male. Additionally, among the 50 most relevant Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in the industry, about two-thirds are men. In the assessment of ATMP-approved treatments and late-stage pipeline, despite many targeted diseases having equal gender prevalence, one-third of these therapies focus on male-related diseases, while none are focused on female-related indications.

Disease predisposition & clinical trials

MSC conducted an analysis of EMA-approved ATMP therapies and assets currently in phase 3 development stage, focusing on the gender predisposition in related diseases.

  • Out of the 18* diseases targeted, 6 exhibit a higher incidence in males compared to females.
  • None of the 18* targeted diseases display a predisposition for females.
  • Among the 19 pivotal trials, 13 maintained an equal gender distribution, while 4 had significantly more male participants, and 2 enrolled more male patients. Part of the imbalance may be justified by the fact that a number of diseases addressable by ATMPs are associated with X-linked genetic disease.

ATMP companies in the Nordics

The analysis of ATMP SME companies in the Nordics generated objective data of gender distribution in leadership positions:

  • 72% of the CEOs are male;
  • 67% of the C-level executives are male;
  • 78% of the Board of Directors are male;

However, when Nordic ATMP companies are compared with biotech companies in general, the numbers for the ATMP space are somewhat less skewed:

  • The 28% share of women in the CEO position is higher in ATMP SME companies in the Nordics when compared with the global average in biotech companies of around 20%.
  • In relation to the C-level team, the share of female members is 33% in ATMP companies in the Nordics, while biotech in general has 34% of female in executive management positions.

*There are 18 indications targeted by ATMPs. Multiple Myeloma is targeted by both Abecma and Carvytki, is counted twice in the analysis. Tecartus accounts for two indications, targeting both mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) and acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). This results in 19 data points from only 18 indications.