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Wrap up of Swelife ATMP

What has been achieved and what happens now?

Swelife ATMP welcomes you to a seminar summarizing the achievements of four years of collaborative efforts to make Sweden competitive within advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs).

Date: Tuesday Nov 17 2020
Time: 1 pm (13:00) – 3 pm (15.00)
Location: Zoom Webinar (link will be announced via e-mail to registered participants)
Registeration through ATMP Sweden 2020 – now closed 

From the start in 2017, the project has been addressing challenges within communication, education, ethics, legislation, health economics and other systems affecting Sweden´s capabilities within the field, in close collaboration with Centre for Advanced Medical Products (CAMP). During this seminar you will hear
about what has been achieved through the project in terms of key values and deliverables and how they have contributed to increased Swedish competitiveness and capabilities.

Swelife ATMP is financed through VINNOVA (dnr: 2017-02453) and additional information can be found at


1.00 pm Welcome and introduction to Swelife ATMP

Presentation slides; Swelife ATMP wrap up intro and summary

1.15 pm System development project (SDP) 1 – regulatory aspects (Ann Novotny)

Presentation slides; Swelife ATMP wrap up_SDP1

1.40 pm System development project (SDP) 3 – Business models and health economics (Anna Ridderstad Wollberg)

Presentation slides; Swelife-ATMP SDP3 (business models and health economy)

2.00 – 2.05 Five minutes break

2.05 pm System development project (SDP) 4 – Gene therapies (Christian Gerdesköld)

Presentation slides; Presentation 17 Nov Gene Therapy SDP4 Swelife ATMP wrap up

2. 20 pm Communication – ATMP Sweden (Heather Main)

Presentation slides; Swelife ATMP communication wrap up 17112020

2.45 pm Wrap up and final reflections (Kristina Kannisto)

2.55 End of seminar