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About us

ATMP Sweden is a national network for activities within medicines based on genes, cells or tissue engineering.

Our vision for the future

We aim to be an internationally leading centre in facilitating the implementation of ATMPs.

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Become a partner

Help us to revolutionise healthcare! Build a partnership with our organisation.

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The ATMP newsletter is a quarterly newsletter updating on Swedish ATMP developments.

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What are ATMPs?

What are ATMPs – and what are not? Learn more about ATMPs and their sub-classes.

Vad är ATMPs?

Read a Swedish text about ATMPs.

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About CAMP

Read more about the Centre for Advanced Medical Products (CAMP).


Read more about Sweden's CAR T network.

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About Innovation Milieu

Read more about our ATMP Innovation Milieu.

About Swelife-ATMP

Read more about Swelife-ATMP.

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ATMP regulatory guide

Useful information and insights throughout the ATMP development process.

Commercial aspects of ATMP

Learn more about the Health Technology Assessment related issues of your ATMP development.

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View our project publications.


View recorded content from ATMP Sweden.

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Partners & companies

Find Swedish ATMP activities/facilities and how to engage.

Job opportunities

Find or advertise ATMP relevant job vacancies.

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Conferences & events

View conferences and events within the Swedish ATMP field.


View contact information for ATMP Sweden and related projects.