Föreningen ATMP Sweden

Welcome to the partner login for Föreningen ATMP Sweden members! We are truly appreciative of your support in keeping out communication platforms and important functions in ecosystem mapping and connection alive 🙂

Please see the left panel and drop downs for resources and information that we hope will be useful to you! This part of the website belongs to you! If there is anything you would like to see added to the member login or if you find things that are incorrect or out of date please let us know.

Register for ATMP Sweden 2024 before the 20th of August!

Registration is now open for our annual National conference ATMP Sweden 2024 Malmö. fATMP Sweden members register for free before the 20th of August! You must however still go through the process of ’paying’ but instead insert the promotion code ATMP24 on the payment page. This will bring the value to pay down to 0SEK. After the 20th of August the promotion code will change to ATMPDISCOUNT and will bring the cost of registration down to 500SEK.