World Tour speakers

We will be transitioning our ATMP world tour into a monthly seminar series. This will enable us to better use the very limited organisational resources we have from December 2024.

The ATMP world tour has always been about learning from world leading ATMP experts, coupling them 1 on 1 to Swedish experts, giving International exposure to the ATMP Sweden brand and to the expertise of the Swedish ATMP expert hosts. It’s also an opportunity for the international audience to ask these experts questions in an open forum.

The plan going forward is that there will be a session once a month, for 1 hour, at a time convenient to the speaker. The session will be recorded and available on our website for one month after the live event. Each session will have a single sponsor of 15K per session. This sponsorship gives the company the opportunity to present the first 10min of the session (no questions), and to display their URL under the stream. This introductory presentation will be followed by a 20min presentation by the speaker and 30min discussion with Q&A capabilities.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to submit topics and names of possible speakers that are ’world leading’ in their field of ATMP. Please also nominate a Swedish expert to host this speaker, and session specific sponsors. Once all 3 of these are in place, the speaker will be approached.

  • Megan Munsie, Novo Nordisk ReNew – public and patient engagement in the development of ATMPs
    • host – Oskar Ahlberg – Riksförbundet Sällsynta Diagnoser
    • sponsor – ?
  • Antonius Johannes Rabelink
    • host – Stefan Jovinge
    • sponsor – ?
  • Masayo Takahashi
    • host – Malin Parmar
    • sponsor – ?
  • Rapid analytical testing
    • host – Jesper Ericson
    • sponsor – ?
  • Multi electrode array or impedence based potency assays for ATMP – Neurona Therapeutics?
    • host?
    • sponsor – Axion BioSystems?
  • Philip Timmerman (European Bioanalysis Forum)
    • host – Mikael Kubista
    • sponsor – ?
  • Michela Gabaldo
  • Vertex Pharma
  • PDA ATMP advisory board
  • Ton Schumacher, John Haanen  TILs
  • Lourens Bloem – RSNN Special Interest Groups
  • Belgium BioWin
  • Timothy Alsopp
  • Don Reed
  • Marina Cavazzana
  • Glasgow expert in analytical testing
  • Intellia Therapeutics
  • Sarah Nikiforow – Dana Fabre cancer research centre
  • Barbara Kienhoefer
  • Melissa Carpenter