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ATMP world tour 2021

We are pleased to announce the first ”ATMP world tour”! The event is aimed at highlighting ’world leading’ activities within ATMP and the partnerships, infrastructures and competences that were critical to their success.

See the program here!

Speakers for this event come from all over the world and will present from their extensive knowledge in varied aspects of the ATMP pipeline including patient driven development, manufacture, commercialisation, education, hospital exemption, national networks.

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The event will be held virtually over 5 days, April 26-30, 2021. There will be 20 speakers over the week, 4 per day. It is not anticipated that registrants will attend all presentations due to the diversity of topics and level of speakers. The program has been built to accommodate as much discussion and break time as possible.

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Thankyou to all who contributed to building this program! In particular;

  • CAMP International advisors
    • Karin Hoogendoorn – UniQure, Netherlands
    • Mark Lowdell – Royal Free Hospital, UK
  • ATMP Sweden partners
    • Kristina Kannisto – Karolinska Cell Therapy Centre
    • Johan Hyllner – AstraZeneca
    • Sofie Alverlind – SKR
    • Petter Björquist – VERIGRAFT
    • Åse Rosenqvist – BMS
    • Margareta Tenander – Cytiva
  • External
    • John Rasko – University of Sydney, Australia
    • Jacqueline Barry – CGT Catapult, UK